Happenings At KFUEIT

Happenings At KFUEIT
1st International 3 Days Conference
KFUEIT 4th Annual Book Fair
PHEC Chairman and nine VCs of other universities attended the VC's and director''s conference organized by KFUEIT
MoU between KFUEIT and Mir Chakar Khan Rind University
KFUEIT Technical Society Organized the Annual Project Exhibition 2021
KFUEIT 2nd Annual Flower Show
Honourable vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Suelman Tahir paid a visit to GC University Lahore

KFUEIT Central Library will organize the 4th Annual Book Fair on the 23rd & 24th of February,2021.

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Inauguration of the Center of Computational Material and Research Lab
Beauty of KFUEIT Campus in Spring