Security Department

Chief Security Officer
  • Tel / Ext. : +92 (68) 588 2430

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Security Department is responsible for providing security cover and protection to all sites maintained by the University and all activities taking place under University's auspices. The Department performs its function using state of the art video surveillance system. An advance communication system is in place to facilitate the coordination between security personnel and control center. The Department is equipped with latest weapons and gadgets meeting the requirements of modern day challenges. KFUEIT is the only University where QRF (Quick Response Force) has been formed to take security to the next level.

The Security Department of KFUEIT:

  • Prepares and keeps updating the Security Plan / Policy / Procedures to ensure safety and security of University that includes buildings, infrastructure, facilities, hostels, equipment. stores, vehicles and personnel.
  • Ensures Implementation and enforcement of all procedures and policies.
  • Arranges regular training for the Security Staff, employees of University and the students for the safety and security of personnel, premises, equipment and stores.
  • Takes necessary measures to ensure that the University Campus and Student Hostels are free from drugs, narcotics and weapons of any kind.
  • Ensures that measures are put in place to guard against robberies, theft, pilferage of University stores and equipment, etc. It maintains record of visitors and monitors their activities while in the University Campus and Hostels.