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KFUEIT Sanitizer

KFUEIT Steps Forward and Comes Up with Indigenously Produced Hand Sanitizers for Employees, Govt. Offices and Community To help community with hygiene and staying safe, our Department of Chemical Engineering produces HAND SANITIZERS internally in Lab. These sanitizers have been given free of cost to workers and employees working in University. Similarly, this gift has also been given to District Government RYK, Higher Education Department (HED) Punjab and other Government Offices whose employees

are performing their duties in the current lockdown period. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. M. Suleman Tahir applauded the joint efforts of Associate Dean of Engineering, Dr. Javed Iqbal, Director ORIC, Dr. Saif Ur Rehman, Assistant Professor, Dr. Aamir Allaoddin and their team members in coming up with this KFUEIT internal product. He further added that such initiatives of CSR are need of the time. These sanitizers will further be supplied to local community as well in order to keep them safe and healthy