Ex. Vice Chancellor the Islamia University Bahawalpur, Prof. Dr Muhammad Mukhtar delivered his effective lecture on April 30, 2018 about Excellence in Teaching and Research in the Contemporary Highly Competitive Environments" in a cooling environment of University secretariat Hall arranged by Engr. Ghias Mahmood Khan. All teaching faculty and Heads of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Humanities, Management and Social Sciences attended the lecture. In his address to teaching faculty of KFUEIT, former Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mukhtar said that without achieving excellence in teaching and research from primary to higher education particularly in the contemporary highly competitive environment, the major goals of imparting education cannot be obtained. He further added that all the developed and civilized nations are determined and have organized system of education where teachers are playing vital role to promote research culture among students. He also claimed that Pakistan has dedicated teachers and the students and many of them have proved their excellence in research and innovation across the world which is an evident that Pakistan has the potential to go side by side the developed countries. He appreciated the research projects accomplished by KFUEIT teachers and expressed his excitement to know the several research projects being done by the students and teachers. At the end of the session, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Athar Mahboob thanked him for his valuable pieces of information on teaching and research.  After his session, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad along Vice Chancellor and Dean of all faculties Prof Dr Munir Ahmad visited the newly constructed Civil and Mechanical Academic Blocks, Laboratories, Classrooms, and Main library of the university.