CS Department Arranges FIT Challenge 2019.

Department of Computer Science, KFUEIT aims to provide opportunities for students by organizing and participating in technical competitions like FIT Challenge'19 so that students are introduced to real World situations.

FIT Challenge'19 brings you three days of competitions with fun activities and exhilarating modules. Come and join us in a three-day cruise as we, together, create moments you will cherish your entire lives. We will definitely make sure fun and learning while you’re here with us!

Here is the list of upcoming FIT Challenge'19 events:

1. Speed Programming
2. Mobile App Development (Android, iPhone, Windows)
3. Web App Development
4. Startup Ideas Competition
5. Brains Battle
6. HTML Design Competition
7. Poster Design Competition
8. Best Googler Award
9. Creative Writing Competition
10. Presentation Competitions
11. E-Gaming (COD, Counter-Strike 6.0 etc)


For more details/rules please visit http://www.fcrc.work

Registration Form

*Students from all departments of KFUEIT are encouraged to apply.
The registration form is attached...