Career Counselling and Internships Office

Director:Engr. Dr. Yasir Niaz
Career Counselling and Internships

Khwaja Fareed UEIT is serving students from the last decade, and highly encourage the students to create difference in their lives through quality education & effective counseling. Our Office mainly focus these number of factors:

  • Skillful Graduates
  • Identify Interests and abilities
  • Norms & values
  • Personality grooming


To be a leading and innovative Career Counseling and Internship Office, dedicated to empowering KFUEIT students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary to excel in their academic and professional journeys.

Mission Statement:

                                  Our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized career counseling, internship placement, and professional development services to KFUEIT students. We are committed to fostering a dynamic and supportive environment that facilitates students' exploration of career paths, connects them with industry partners, and equips them with the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing job market