Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR)

Dr. Shabbir Hussain
Incharge (BASR)
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The Board of Advance Studies at the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan since its establishment is dealing to improve the standard of advance studies at the university and performing functions such as:

  • advise an authority on all matters connected with the promotion of advanced studies and research publication in the University.
  • consider and report to an authority with regard to a research degree of the University.
  • propose regulations regarding the award of a research degree.
  • appoint supervisors for a postgraduate research student and to approve title and synopsis of a thesis or dissertation.
  • recommend panels of names of examiners for evaluation of a research examination and
  • perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the statutes.
MS Thesis /Synopsis Formatting
Sr. No.MS Thesis /Synopsis Formatting
1Thesis Front Pages
2Thesis Table of Content
3Thesis Roman Numbers
4Thesis Main Body and General Instructions
5Synopsis Format (MS Only)
6Synopsis Format (PhD Only)


MS Related Forms
Sr. No.MS Related Forms
1Form M-1 - Supervisor Consent Form for MS/MPhil/MBA Thesis/Project
2Form M-2 - Synopsis Submission Form (MS/MPhil/MBA Program)
3Form M-3 - Request for Change of Supervisor (MS/MPhil/MBA Program)
4Form M-4 - Application for 3rd Year Extension (MS/MPhil/MBA Program)
5Form M-5 - Application for 4th Year Extension (MS/MPhil/MBA Program)
6Form M-6 - Request for Appointment of External Examiner for MS/MPhil/MBA Thesis
7Form M-7 - Thesis Evaluation Form for MS/MPhil/MBA Programs
8Form M-8 - MS/MPhil/MBA Thesis Defense Result Declaration Form
9Form M-9 - MS/MPhil/MBA Thesis Viva Voce Remuneration Form for Supervisor
10Form M-10 - MS/MPhil/MBA Thesis Viva Voce Remuneration Form for External Examiner
PhD Related Forms
Sr. No.Phd Related Forms
1Form P-1 - Supervisor Consent Form for PhD Thesis
2Form P-2 - Application form for PhD comprehensive exam
3Form P-3 - Supervisory Committee for PhD Students
4Form P-4 - Synopsis Submission Form for PhD Thesis
5Form P-5 - Request for Change of PhD Supervisor
6Form P-6 - Application for 5th Year Extension (PhD Program)
7Form P-7 - Application for 6th Year Extension (PhD Program)
8Form P-8- Application for 7th Year Extension (PhD Program)
9Form P-9 - Application for 8th Year Extension (PhD Program)
10Form P-10 - Thesis Submission form
11Form P-11 - Request for Appointment of Foreign External Examiners for PhD Thesis
12Form P-12 - Request for Appointment of Local External Examiners for PhD Thesis
13Form P-13 - Performa for Evaluation of PhD Thesis by External Reviewers
14Form P-14 - PhD Defense Evaluation Form
15Form P-15 - PhD Thesis Defense Result Declaration Form
16Form P-16 - PhD Thesis Evaluation Remuneration Form for Foreign Examiner
17Form P-17 -  PhD Thesis Evaluation Remuneration Form for National Examiner
18Form P-18 -  PhD Thesis Viva Voce Remuneration Form for Supervisor