2nd KFGAT Student List (Admission Entry Test)

date & reporting time16-06-2019, 08:00 am

note: 1. candidate must bring the paid voucher, original cnic / b. form and matric result card on the test date, 
                otherwise, you will not be allowed to sit in the test.
           2. mobile phone, calculators or any gadget is not allowed in the test center premises as per kfat entry test rules. 
               the candidate may be searched for mobile phone / electronic device and if found it will be confiscated and paper
               will be cancelled.

sr. #student namefather namecnicvenue (computer labs)
1ghulam haiderimtiaz ahmad*****-****826-5cs lab
2faiza muqeemmuhammad muqeem*****-****895-0cs lab
3husnain haiderghulam sarwar javed*****-****936-1cs lab
4ifra shabbirshabbir hussain*****-****041-0cs lab
5muhammad yasir mairajmairaj din*****-****291-3cs lab
6hafiz muhammad  leghariyar muhammad leghari*****-****307-5cs lab
7iqra mehmood khansultan mehmood khan*****-****300-8cs lab
8asma iramhafiz abdul shakoor*****-****711-0cs lab
9muhammad iqbalmuhammad mehboob*****-****456-1cs lab
10mubashir saleemmuhammad sadiq saleem*****-****431-1cs lab
11sidra munirmunir ahmed*****-****484-8cs lab
12yasir alimuhammad boota*****-****753-9cs lab
13abdullah  tayyebabdul quddoos*****-****939-3cs lab
14muahmmad azam manzoormanzoor ul hassan*****-****100-5cs lab
15bilal  ahmadzulfiqar ali*****-****209-1cs lab
16farheen  riazriaz ahmed sabir*****-****888-6cs lab
17nazish  latifmuhammad latif*****-****595-4cs lab
18dawood safiullaijaz ahmad siddiqui*****-****682-1cs lab
19mukhtar aleem tahirmuhammad aslam*****-****022-7cs lab
20kashif hayatkhizar hayat*****-****131-9cs lab
21muhammad basit razasyed javed raza*****-****879-9cs lab
22syed yasir razasyed muhammad jeewan shah*****-****853-9cs lab
23sehrish latifmuhammad latif*****-****458-2cs lab
24ashraf tajtaj muhammad*****-****565-1cs lab
25aqsa mumtazmanzoor ahmad urf mumtaz*****-****382-4cs lab
26sanam sultansultan ahmed*****-****780-4cs lab
27zia ul haqriaz ahmed*****-****920-1cs lab
28nadeem  shahidsaleem shahid*****-****848-5cs lab
29saira aliahmed ai*****-****727-2cs lab
30aneela ghafoorabdul ghafoor*****-****086-2cs lab
31muhammad abdullahmuhammad zafar*****-****955-3cs lab
32faizan  ahmedmukhtar ahmed*****-****526-9cs lab
33khalil  ahmadrasheed ahmad*****-****804-5cs lab
34ahsan azharmuhammad azhar*****-****068-9cs lab
35rashna aftabsaleem aftab*****-****005-8cs lab
36faiza  khanmuhammad khan*****-****206-4cs lab
37khizra aroojabdul shakoor*****-****640-6cs lab
38muhammad asad bashirmuhammad ashfaq*****-****243-3cs lab
39aqeel ahmedmunir hussain*****-****940-7cs lab
40javed iqbalghulam qadir*****-****015-9cs lab
41sidra tulmuntahaghulam serwar*****-****160-6cs lab
42amna abbasghulam abbas*****-****778-4cs lab
43tabassum  nadeem sarwarliaquat ali*****-****216-3cs lab
44farhan  aftabaftab nasir*****-****365-5cs lab
45usman aliahsan ullah*****-****614-7cs lab
46muhammad waqasghulam fareed*****-****595-3cs lab
47muhammad ahmad  talhamuhammad akbar*****-****277-1cs lab
48saba shafiqishfaq ahmad*****-****039-2cs lab
49bushra zulfiqarzulfiqar ali*****-****102-4cs lab
50khalil ahmadgul bahar*****-****288-9cs lab
51hafiz muhammad ameen soomroabdul majid*****-****596-9it lab
52mishal fatimamuhammad butta*****-****246-8it lab
53nimra nasirmuhammad nasir zahoor*****-****561-4it lab
54maryam ateeqateeq ur rehman*****-****624-2it lab
55muhammad faizan  khadimkhadim hussain*****-****960-1it lab
56sobia anwarmuhammad anwar*****-****577-8it lab
57norina afzalmuhammad afzal*****-****062-0it lab
58ghulam  mahmoodsultan mahmood*****-****882-1it lab
59kinza tariqmuhammad tariq zia*****-****335-8it lab
60mukhtar ahmadmuhammad ramzan*****-****657-7it lab
61mudassar mehmoodmehmood ahmad*****-****694-7it lab
62tahreem muqeemmuhammad muqeem*****-****585-0it lab
63hina alimohammad ali shan*****-****028-6it lab
64zeshan alimuhammad saleem*****-****771-1it lab
65muhammad  bilalbashir ahmad*****-****699-1it lab
66muhammad hassan rasheedabdul rasheed*****-****989-1it lab
67zahid  hussainimam u din*****-****646-5it lab
68liaquat ali  khanmukhtar ahmad*****-****867-1it lab
69hafiz muhammad utban alimaqsood ahmad*****-****483-5it lab
70hajra naseemmuhammad naseem arshad*****-****535-2it lab
71muhammad ali  zulqarnainmuhammad afzal*****-****565-5it lab
72mamoona khurshidsyed khurshid hussain*****-****767-6it lab
73tahreem aftabaftab hussain*****-****121-0it lab
74tasminashakoor*****-****184-8it lab
75asia shakoorabdul shakoor*****-****724-0it lab
76anum ranishah muhammad gujjar*****-****302-2it lab
77saima asgharasghar ali naveed*****-****479-4it lab
78aima azizmuhammad naeem*****-****381-4it lab
79ramsha  ashrafmuhammad ashraf*****-****270-6it lab
80iqra sabirsabir ali*****-****894-6it lab
81aqsa akramahtsham ali*****-****229-6it lab
82andleeb afzalmuhammad afzal*****-****592-4it lab
83muhammad awais saleemmuhammad azhar saleem*****-****425-3it lab
84sarfraz riazhaji riaz ul haq*****-****400-3it lab
85hafiz muneebabdul ghafoor*****-****054-7it lab
86sehrish manzoormanzoor hussain*****-****478-0it lab
87mehwish manzoormanzoor hussain*****-****565-8it lab
88hina  parveenkhadim hussain*****-****183-0it lab
89abdul samadmuhammad arif*****-****896-7it lab
90ayesha  jabeensaeed akhtar*****-****391-8it lab
91ahmad aliallah ditta*****-****419-3it lab
92taimoor ahmadmohammad sadiq*****-****526-9it lab
93muhammad ayaz shahmushtaq ahmad*****-****304-1it lab
94tauqeer ahmedmuhammad sadiq*****-****133-7it lab
95aadel nawabnawab khan*****-****849-7it lab
96sitara shahidshahid mehmood*****-****698-2it lab
97mehwish gullkhadim hussain*****-****534-2it lab
98naveed ahmad sajidnazir ahmad sajid*****-****190-3it lab