2nd KFAT Student List (Admission Entry Test), Session 03

date & reporting time15-06-2019, 01:30 pm

note: 1. candidate must bring the paid voucher, original cnic / b. form and matric result card on the test date, 
                  otherwise, you will not be allowed to sit in the test.
           2. mobile phone, calculators or any gadget is not allowed in the test center premises as per kfat entry test rules. 
               the candidate may be searched for mobile phone / electronic device and if found it will be confiscated and paper
               will be cancelled.

sr. #student namefather namecnicvenue (computer labs)
281aliza hameedhafiz abdul hameed*****-****263-4cs lab
282muqadas raomukhtar ahmed*****-****424-2cs lab
283iqra akhtarakhtar ali*****-****913-6cs lab
284muhammad hussain alihaleem akhter shahzad*****-****215-3cs lab
285zoha imanmuhammad hanif*****-****308-2cs lab
286muhammad ismailmuhammad ibrahim*****-****380-1cs lab
287muhammad irfan ameenmuhammad ameen*****-****931-5cs lab
288muhammad tahirsher muhammad*****-****804-5cs lab
289muhammad huzaifa shahidshahid mehmood*****-****679-3cs lab
290akifa riazmuhammad riaz*****-****418-8cs lab
291khizra rafimuhammad rafi*****-****204-4cs lab
292muhammad yasirliaquat ali*****-****683-9cs lab
293nida naheedmuhammad afzal*****-****862-2cs lab
294muhammad asad ullahshabbir ahmad*****-****806-1cs lab
295muhammad huzaifa munawermunawer hussain*****-****824-5cs lab
296hamna tousifmuhammad tousif qasim*****-****572-0cs lab
297muhammad iqbal ahmadghulam mahyudin*****-****823-7cs lab
298asif shahmuhammad jaffar bukhari*****-****688-1cs lab
299muhammad talhamuhammad saeed tahir*****-****623-7cs lab
300muhammad sohailmuhammad iqbal*****-****099-5cs lab
301salman saeedsaeed ahmad*****-****301-5cs lab
302hamza islam`abdul salam*****-****408-7cs lab
303muhammad tahirrafiq ahmad*****-****788-7cs lab
304haris hameedabdul hameed nami*****-****141-9cs lab
305shahzaib ahmad khanmukhtiar ahmad*****-****820-7cs lab
306fouzia rafiquemuhammad rafique*****-****841-8cs lab
307muhammad haris muneermuneer ahmad*****-****789-1cs lab
308muhammad mohsin bilalbilal ahmad*****-****719-1cs lab
309muhammad dawoodanwar ul haq*****-****293-5cs lab
310asad mehmoodmehmood hussain*****-****546-1cs lab
311shahroz rehanrehan javed*****-****021-9cs lab
312muhammad zubairirshad ahmed*****-****189-9cs lab
313bilal saeedsaeed akhtar*****-****703-5cs lab
314umaima muneermuhammad muneer*****-****309-2cs lab
315zarak shahzadmuhammad shahzad*****-****433-5cs lab
316muqadas farooqmuhammad farooq*****-****197-2cs lab
317anas iqbalmuhammad iqbal*****-****506-3cs lab
318saliha hassanjam ahmed hassan*****-****051-0cs lab
319muhammad abdullah arifmuhammad arif*****-****167-3cs lab
320danish kumarcheena jee*****-****462-3cs lab
321ayesha zohra masoodmasood inayat*****-****649-0cs lab
322hassan dastgirghulam dastgir*****-****165-9cs lab
323usman zafarzafar iqbal*****-****256-7cs lab
324waleed akbarmohammad akbar javed*****-****655-3cs lab
325farah nazmuhammad asif*****-****773-8cs lab
326ramsha hassanwali muhammad*****-****571-8cs lab
327talha hafeezhafeez ullah*****-****231-5cs lab
328nadeem akbararshad ali*****-****150-7cs lab
329ayesha asifasif mehmood anjum*****-****438-0cs lab
330benish abdul wahidabdul wahid*****-****921-8cs lab
331ayesha mansoormansoor anwar*****-****455-2civil building computer lab
332sehir alimuhammad aslam*****-****795-5civil building computer lab
333yasir khanmuhammad arif*****-****304-5civil building computer lab
334ayman javaidmuhammad javaid*****-****279-2civil building computer lab
335hasnain tariqtariq javed*****-****261-3civil building computer lab
336huma aliliaqat ali shahid*****-****308-4civil building computer lab
337aiman iftikharmuhammad iftikhar*****-****634-8civil building computer lab
338mah noor shoukatshoukat ali*****-****176-0civil building computer lab
339muneeb tahirmuhammad tahir*****-****212-7civil building computer lab
340muhammad zubairshoukat ali*****-****086-1civil building computer lab
341m umair rasheedrasheed ahmed*****-****227-1civil building computer lab
342zain ul arfeenmahboob ahmad lashari*****-****508-3civil building computer lab
343hadia shahwarmahboob ahmed lashari*****-****958-4civil building computer lab
344aqib talibmuhammad talib*****-****058-5civil building computer lab
345rameen aslammuhammad aslam*****-****497-4civil building computer lab
346usrah waseemwaseem amjad*****-****969-2civil building computer lab
347okasha waseemwaseem amjad*****-****994-0civil building computer lab
348muhammad shoaib hussain bhattimuhammad hussain*****-****757-7civil building computer lab
349saman ayeshamushtaq ahmed*****-****801-8civil building computer lab
350habiba fatimahabib ullah*****-****559-2civil building computer lab
351muhammad haseebhabib ullah*****-****837-7civil building computer lab
352muhammad sohaib murtazaghulam murtaza*****-****456-9civil building computer lab
353muhammad shoaibabdul rashid*****-****268-3civil building computer lab
354atisam ahmedamir mehmood*****-****423-1civil building computer lab
355maham ajmalmuhammad ajmal*****-****853-4civil building computer lab
356farhat ul ain tariqtariq mahmood*****-****147-8civil building computer lab
357zain ul abedeenmuhammad iftikhar  ahmed*****-****484-3civil building computer lab
358aniqa muti ur rasoolmuti ur rasool mayal*****-****062-8civil building computer lab
359hafiz adeel ur rehmanhafeez ur rehman*****-****695-9civil building computer lab
360abdul rehman razimuhammad ajmal*****-****743-7civil building computer lab
361faheem akrammuhammad akram*****-****201-3civil building computer lab
362muhammad awaismuhammad yasin*****-****345-3civil building computer lab
363tooba razzaqabdul razzaq*****-****255-4civil building computer lab
364aleena yousafmuhammad yousaf*****-****877-0civil building computer lab
365aziz ur rehamnabdul ghaffar*****-****713-5civil building computer lab
366habib ur rehmanabdul ghaffar*****-****328-9civil building computer lab
367muhammad ahmad akhtarmuhammad akhtar*****-****918-5civil building computer lab
368ghulam ullahfazal kareem*****-****360-9civil building computer lab
369alia zafarghulam yasin zafar*****-****930-2civil building computer lab
370adil nawazshah nawaz khan*****-****465-7civil building computer lab
371anas wahidabdul wahid amin*****-****141-1civil building computer lab
372fatima tariqmuhammad tariq zafar*****-****343-8civil building computer lab
373kashif mehmoodfaiz ahmed*****-****460-7civil building computer lab
374esha abdul hyeabdul hye*****-****583-4civil building computer lab
375tooba tahirtahir mehmood*****-****874-2civil building computer lab
376akasha arshadmuhammad arshad*****-****521-2it lab
377salman ahmadrais muhammad ahmad*****-****443-1it lab
378muhammad nomanallah ditta*****-****550-3it lab
379tayyaba tariqtariq mehmood*****-****525-4it lab
380muhammad nomanaftab ali*****-****590-9it lab
381javeria ghaffarabdul ghaffar*****-****734-8it lab
382muhammad usman ikhlaqmuhammad ikhlaq*****-****046-9it lab
383muhammad rehan awaismuhammad siraj*****-****532-7it lab
384muti ur rehmanmuhammad abdul rehman*****-****903-9it lab
385ali hassanshabbier ahmed*****-****511-7it lab
386ayesha mubashirmubashir hussain*****-****933-0it lab
387muhammad alihazoor bux*****-****858-9it lab
388laiba sattarabdul sattar*****-****052-8it lab
389fareena sattarabdul sattar*****-****907-8it lab
390parvez alisahib dino*****-****857-5it lab
391iqra noornoor muhammad shah*****-****841-4it lab
392shaaf alimuhammad ashraf*****-****673-1it lab
393zainab iqbal gillmuhammad iqbal*****-****032-6it lab
394muhmmad ahmedabdul ghaffar*****-****009-9it lab
395muhammad salman zafarzafar iqbal*****-****633-5it lab
396muhammad usmanmuhammad sultan tabassum*****-****116-1it lab
397muhammad kashif ramzanmuhammad ramzan*****-****793-1it lab
398maryam yaqoobmuhammad yaqoob*****-****930-4it lab
399ayesha afzalmuhammad afzal*****-****701-4it lab
400mashood rafiqmuhammad rafiq*****-****827-6it lab
401iqra razzaqabdul razzaq*****-****877-2it lab
402huzaifa sumadmanzoor ahmad*****-****176-7it lab
403muhammad taimoor zafarzafar iqbal zahid*****-****846-3it lab
404muhammad illyas khanmuhammad shoukat khan*****-****239-3it lab
405aleesha javedjaved akhtar*****-****923-1it lab
406talha arshadmuhammad arshad*****-****229-1it lab
407m.aamir rafiquem.rafique*****-****035-7it lab
408umar shabbirghulam shabbir ghuman*****-****402-3it lab
409hamza javedjaved iqbal*****-****434-7it lab
410arooj fatimamuhammad waheed abbas*****-****437-8it lab
411zunaisha waseemwaseem abid*****-****368-8it lab
412muhammad ahmed azammuhammad azam*****-****374-5it lab
413muhammad attyeb mehmoodmehmood ul hassan*****-****933-7it lab
414usman rasheedmuhammad rasheed*****-****167-3it lab
415kinza naeemnaeem bashir*****-****125-0it lab
416urooj aslammuhammad aslam*****-****559-4it lab
417ammara nazarmuhammad nazar*****-****505-0it lab
418muhammad bilal rasoolabdul rasool*****-****383-7it lab
419imran majeedabdul majeed*****-****464-9it lab
420esha javedmuhammad javed shad*****-****928-8it lab