Transport Policy

Transport Policy

General Guidelines on Transport Requisition:

  • For all non-emergency / planned transport requirements “Transport Requisition Form” will be sent to the Transport Department at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The transport requisition form will be filled completely and signed by the relevant person/ department head (specimen of transport requisition form is enclosed as Annexure-A).
  • The Vehicles Trip sheet/log book elaborating complete detail i.e. name of user, places visited, time consumed and the mileage covered will be maintained by the driver. The “Vehicle’s Trip Sheet/log book” will always be kept in the vehicle and regularly checked by the transport supervisory staff.
  • The duties will be assigned in writing to the drivers through drivers duty slip. While assigning duties, the transport supervisor will endorse complete details in Driver Duty Slip and hand it over to the driver. The duty slip will subsequently be completed and signed by driver and the Supervisor. It will be returned to the Transport Officer after completion of duty. “Annexure- B”.
  • The officer using official transport will not take the vehicle to any place not specified in transport requisition form. The user is also liable to return the vehicle within time stipulated.
  • The user will be responsible to check the driver for over speeding, reckless driving and adherence of high way code.
  • While assigning duties, the transport supervisor will ensure that the driver is not over taxed and fatigued.
  • The driver will carry mobile phone, and remain in-touch with transport supervisor during Iong distance duties.
  • AII vehicles will be thoroughly inspected for mechanical fitness, by vehicle mechanic especially once they are moving out for long distance journey.
  • Selective drivers possessing requisite skill and experience will be sent for Iong distance journey.
  • The vans with more seating capacity will not be used for less number of passengers. The formula of 2/3 of capacity of the specific van will be kept in view before detailing the van for duty.

Taking Vehicles Out of District Rahim Yar Khan.

In order to eliminate the misuse of official vehicles, the beneficiary users will obtain prior permission from the competent authority/Vice-Chancellor for taking the vehicles out of the city and a copy of the same approval may be sent to the Transport Officer before leaving the District Rahim Yar Khan.

Driving of The Official Vehicles.

No one is authorized to drive the allotted official vehicles, other than the university driver and the officer concerned, if possessing a valid driving license.

Use of Allotted Vehicles by The Transport Department

During special events, the Transport Department usually faces acute shortage of vehicles. The Transport Department is authorized to utilize the allotted vehicles after obtaining prior permission of the competent authority as & when required.

Procedure For The Grant of Leave to The Drives of The Allotted Vehicles.

If the driver of the allotted vehicles wants to avail leave, the officer concerned must forward his approved leave application to the Transport Supervisor at least one day before date of availing the leave to enable the Transport Supervisor to provide substitute driver. The drivers shall be permitted to proceed on leave only after the same is approved and substitute is provided.

Identification of Bus Stops Inside The City.

  • Proper signboards shall be affixed at designated bus stops of different routes on which schedule of buses shall be pasted to display for the convenience of, 1) students and 2) employee of the university. The drivers shall also be made responsible to stop their buses at aforesaid bus stops.
  • The Transport Department shall demarcate the approved bus stops for affixing the signboards.

Rates of Transport Facility to The Employee of The University on Payment.

The university employee can hire the university vehicles for private use with permission of Vice- Chancellor & Transport Officer, on payment of charges according to following schedule subject to the availability of vehicles.

Field Trips:

  • During an academic session each class can move once on a field trip.
  • Field trip request will be initiated by students, recommended by respective Head/ Chairman/ Dean of the faculty, processed by the DSA and finally approved by the Vice- Chancellor. The Approval Form along with payment receipt should be submitted to Transport Division at least 36 hours prior to scheduled departure.
  • The cash payment will not be made to Transport Division or to driver.
  • Field trips are allowed on Saturdays only or on week days with approval of Vice- Chancellor for specific number of students. The round distance should not exceed 450 kms.
  • At least two faculty members (one male and female) should accompany the students, whose name, designation and mobile numbers will be mentioned in the field trip request form.
  • The faculty member accompanying the students will act as ’Tour Incharge’.

Duties of Tour Incharge:

The tour Incharge will perform following duties.

  • Will ensure that the field trip leaves the campus at given time.
  • Will ensure that no unauthorized person is traveling in the vehicle.
  • He is responsible to ensure that the field trip is returned latest by 09:00 P.M.
  • Will exercise control and monitor speed and safe driving by the driver.
  • Will take all necessary precautions required for students safely.
  • Will exchange mobile numbers with transport supervisor and remain in touch with him during the course of field trip.
  • Will ensue that the vehicle does not deviate from prescribed route and destination.
  • The field trip will not be allowed to remain outside Rahim Yar Khan overnight.
  • Will ensure that all the students in general and, female students in particulars are dropped at safe and convenient point at the end of the trip.
  • Will ensure that after each stop over all the students have boarded back the vehicle.
  • Will be responsible for the student’s discipline. Rates of Field Trip are as under.