Research Centers

Research Center provides a platform for KFUEIT experts to share insights on the issues and approaches challenging the national & international development sector today and the role of research in finding solutions. With the establishment of research centers at KFUEIT, it is being ensured that the mandate of ORIC is progressing in the right direction. Each and every department at KFUEIT is directed to establish a research center that ensures active departmental-level participation in R&D activities. This is the first bold step towards the fulfillment of the first and foremost objective of ORIC and marks the official beginning of leveraging internal research capabilities at KFUEIT. On the call of ORIC, all the departments at KFUEIT eagerly responded with the formal formation of research groups at their part. This is a significant achievement that is aimed toward guiding all future advancements at ORIC. Formed research centers are: