Hostel Regulations

Hostel Regulations

Short Title

These regulations shall be called the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan Hostel Regulations 2018.


These Regulations shall come into force with immediate effect.


These Regulations shall apply to all resident students of the University.


As the university hostel life is one of the key elements of liberal arts education as it is a critical part of the total university experience. It provides a good living and learning community for students. Its experience prepares a better transition for young adults to emerge from protected teenagers into intellectual individuals and future leaders. Students will learn independence, interpersonal skills, sense of community and responsibility through living with roommate(s), floor mates, and community life in hostels. Hostel is a place where students find self-identity, unity, friendship and generosity. Everyone in the community contributes to the common good, to take responsibility and to console and support one another in difficulties. As the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology is newly established university, to facilitate the students coming from surrounding of Rahim Yar Khan and across the country hostels have been arranged for male and female students. Hostel affairs are managed by a competent and dedicated team of full time staff, available round the clock. In addition to the messing, TV room, study hall, mosque, indoor games hall, internet accessibility, Tuck shop and other essential utility services are available to the residents. Student hostels in PC-I are in construction phase.

Admission to Hostel

There are separate Halls for male and female students in the University Hostel setup. The Warden Hostels and Resident Tutors shall manage the Hostels. The Hostel is open only to the bonafide students of the University. A resident student is bound to abide by the following regulations and to such other regulations that may be notified from time to time:

  • Application on the prescribed form / online application form for allotment of space in the Hostels shall be submitted to the Warden Office one month before the final exams of running semester. Newly admitted students should submit the prescribed form / online application form at the time of admission.
  • Hostel accommodation shall be provided only to the bonafide students of the University subject to availability. Hostel accommodation will be allotted to outstation students who get admission in any academic program of KFUEIT. If any local student (living in Rahim Yar Khan/Sadiq Abad/Khanpur, etc.) applies for hostel accommodation, his/her request may be considered after accommodating the outstation students. Warden Hostels shall allot the Hall whereas room within the Hall shall be allotted by the Resident Tutor
  • Vice Chancellor/Warden Hostels may refuse admission or eject any student if he/she is satisfied that he/she is not a desirable person to live in the Hostel.
  • Warden Hostels shall allot the Hall whereas room within the Hall shall be allotted by the Resident Tutor in order of seniority and merit, which will be determined in relation to the year of the study and marks obtained/GPA/CGPA and distance of domicile city.
  • Resident student shall deposit Hostel dues within specified period and submit deposit receipt in the office of Resident Tutor. Allotment list of residents shall be provided to Warden Office after the 15 days of allotment.
  • While making semester wise allotment of seats in the Hostels, Hostel authorities shall take into consideration the conduct and character of a boarder. Those having been imposed penalties on disciplinary grounds, shall lose their seniority.
  • No boarder is allowed to change his/her room without prior permission of the Hostel authorities.
  • Students spending more than the prescribed regular period for the course shall be accommodated subject to availability of seats.
  • Halls shall be open to students only when the University is engaged in Regular Classes / Examinations / Zero Semester / Summer Semester. However, postgraduate students involved in research may be allowed to stay in Halls by the Warden Hostels on the recommendations of concerned Supervisor, Chairman of the Teaching Department and Dean of the Faculty, subject to enrolment.

Hostel Dues

  • Hostel dues and security deposits, as determined and revised by the University from time to time, are payable by the student in each regular / summer / zero semester.
  • Hostel dues once paid shall be refunded after deduction as per deduction rules i.e. 10% deduction in fee if applied before allotment and 30% deduction in fee if applied after allotment but with in 30 days.
  • Hostel allotment of a student shall stand cancelled, if he/she fails to pay Hostel dues within specified period. However, such a student may seek re-admission in the Hostel as admissible under the rules.
  • A list of students shall be forwarded to Finance Department by the Warden Office for issuance of Hostel Fee Challan which shall be uploaded on KFUEIT official website ( by IT Department.

Mess / Cafeteria / Fruit Shop

  • The mess shall be managed by the resident students and supervised by the Resident Tutor.
  • There shall be time to time supervision of mess hygiene and food quality by the respective Resident Tutors.
  • There shall be a register in which the remarks relating to food quality will be entered on the basis of routine supervision.
  • Nobody other than a resident student shall be allowed to be a mess member. A day scholar may become a mess member with permission of the concerned Resident Tutor who will ensure the payment of mess dues.
  • Resident Tutor shall nominate Mess Manager/Mess Committee out of resident students for one semester.
  • Mess Manager/Mess Committee shall be responsible for proper running of the Mess and cleanliness of the kitchen, utensils and Dining Hall including its surroundings.
  • Residents shall not be allowed to take crockery and cutlery to their rooms.
  • Meals shall be served only in the Dining Hall. No service shall be provided in the room(s).
  • Dining Halls shall remain open daily during specified hours as prescribed by Resident Tutor for each meal.
  • Residents attending the Dining Hall, Common Room, T.V. Room and other public places shall be in proper dress.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Mess and its premises.
  • Students must settle their accounts with mess/cafeteria/fruit shop etc. every month regularly. Arrears if any, shall be recovered from the students at the time of enrolment of each semester. A resident student shall not be allowed to enrol without getting clearance from Resident Tutor.
  • If a student leaves Hostel after qualifying for a degree without the settlement of dues, outstanding amount shall be recovered at the time of issuance of provisional certificate/degree etc. by the Controller of Examinations.
  • No resident student shall be permitted to have private cooking arrangements in the Hall.
  • No political / religious / social gathering shall be allowed in the cafeteria and its premises.

General Regulations

  • Roll of resident students shall be checked by Resident Tutor and entrance record of hostel residents, daily at specified hours as prescribed by Warden Hostels.
  • A resident student shall be responsible for the articles (Charpai / Cot, Trunk etc.) issued to him/her and shall return these articles when leaving the Hostel. He/She shall also be responsible for any loss or damage to these articles.
  • Resident students must treat Hostel staff politely. The Hostel staff shall not render any private service to any student. Misbehavior with the staff shall be treated as a serious offence. Complaints regarding misbehavior of the Hostel staff should be reported to the Warden Hostels.
  • Telephone provided in the Hostel shall be used only for receiving calls.
  • Outdoor games shall not be allowed in the Hall’s premises but indoor games shall be allowed only in specified hours as prescribed by Resident Tutor.
  • The allotment of a student who remains absent from the Hostel without prior permission for a period of one week shall be cancelled. However, he/she may seek re-admission as admissible under the rules.
  • No meeting of any kind (political/religious/social etc.) shall be allowed in the Hostel and its premises without prior permission of hostel authorities. Moreover, any activity / planning anywhere but having influence on the hostel is also prohibited.
  • Every part of the Hostel shall be freely open to the Hostel authorities for inspection at any time.
  • No boarder shall indulge in any amusement that may disturb other boarders.
  • Resident students shall be allowed to use computers only for academic purposes. If hostel authorities find any students involved in cybercrimes, the hostel authority may report the said resident to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Cybercrimes include the misuse of Internet such as others personal video/picture uploading, hacking personal data/account and immoral/unethical SMS/MMS.
  • No electric appliance (electric heater, electric rod, electric kettle, air cooler, air conditioner, T.V., cassette / C.D. player, musical instruments and exhaust / pedestal fans etc.) other than electric light and ceiling fan shall be used in the Hostel. The use of electrical appliances shall lead to confiscation of the appliance along with a fine to be decided by the Hostels authorities. However, permission may be sought for the use of air cooler and exhaust / pedestal fan from the Hostels authorities on payment of extra charges to be prescribed by University authorities.
  • All electric articles must be switched off before leaving the room. Leaving the room with electric appliance switched on shall be an offence punishable with fine.
  • Firearms and other weapons and prohibited literature shall not be allowed to be kept / used in the Hostel.
  • Residents shall not be allowed to gamble or to use any intoxicants and narcotics. Violation of this restriction shall render a resident liable to expulsion from the Hostel, in addition to any criminal proceedings that may be initiated against him under the Penal Law of Pakistan.
  • Residents shall be responsible for keeping their rooms neat and tidy. They shall not dispose off litter in the verandas or other parts of the Hostel premises.
  • No notice / banner / advertisement etc. of any kind can be displayed in Hostel and its premises without prior approval of Hostel authorities.
  • Defacing walls and fixtures shall be strictly prohibited.
  • Boarders shall be required to observe necessary precautions for the safe custody of their belongings/valuables. They must not leave their rooms unlocked. In case of theft, Hall administration shall not be responsible for any loss.
  • All cases of sickness must be reported to the Resident Tutor for necessary help.
  • Female resident shall not leave the campus / hostel without the written permission of the Resident Tutor.
  • Permission to allow resident students to keep two-wheeler/four-wheeler is generally dissuaded but in exceptional cases permission can be granted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University in the request of the parents if security norms are fulfilled. Boarders who are granted permission for keeping two-wheeler/ four-wheeler are required to obtain security clearance from CSO of the University for that purpose. Certified copy or x copy of following documents are required to be submitted for permission of two-wheeler/four-wheeler.
    • Ownership along with Registration No.
    • Validity and fitness certificate.
    • Insurance Certificate if any
    • Driving License of the individual.
    • Helmet / seat belt for safety
  • Parking of vehicles inside the Hostel Campus is strictly forbidden. Parking of permitted two-wheeler/four-wheeler shall be done only in the notified area.
  • All residents shall submit “Security Clearance Certificate” issued by the Registrar Office/Warden office, uploaded on KFUEIT’s official website (, before allotment. List of all resident shall be verified from the Registrar office who submitted the “Security Clearance Certificate” at the time admission.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hostel and its premises.
  • Boarders should avoid taking meals or any edibles from outside for hygienic and safety reasons in the wake of increasing cases of food poising etc.
  • Residents are forbidden to keep/store, lathi, rod, knives, bolder, cracker or fire arms wither in room or anywhere in hostel. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the erring resident if noticed or bound during the visit of Resident Tutors, Warden Hostels, CSO, SO or any other authority of university.


  • a)Rights of admission to the Hostel premises are reserved.
  • b)All visitors of Boys Hostels must leave the Hostel at specified hours as prescribed by Warden Hostels.
  • c)Parents / authorized guardians of the resident student(s) are allowed to see the student only in visitor room of Hostel during visiting hours.
  • d)No female visitors are allowed to enter the Boys Hostel under any circumstances and no male visitors are allowed to enter Girls Hostel.
  • e)No outsider shall be allowed to stay in the Hostel. Violation of this rule shall render the boarder liable for expulsion from the Hostel and/or any other penalty which the Warden Hostels may deem fit. The outsider found staying / residing in the Hostel shall be handed over to the Police.


Resident are required to maintain discipline in the Hostel.

Security Office

There shall be a security office, headed by a security official appointed by Chief Security Officer. The Security Office and all security staff shall work under the general direction of the Warden Hostels.

Disciplinary Control

  • Every boarder living in the hostel shall be subject to the disciplinary control, primarily of the Resident Tutor and in the absence of the Resident Tutor, the Warden Hostels or any other officer authorized in this regard.
  • ere shall be Hostel Disciplinary Committee consisting of the Warden Hostels as president and resident tutors as member thereof.
  • Where a hostel resident(s) is found involved in a case of indiscipline in the hostel, he shall be dealt with strictly.
  • Any contravention or violation of Rules shall be subject to punishment provided in Appendix-1.
Conduct of Inquiries
  • In cases of any student violence/clash/unrest etc. inside the hostel premises - the inquiry shall be conducted by the respective Resident Tutor and report to be forwarded to the office of the Warden Hostels.
  • In case of any student violence/clash/unrest outside the hostel but within the campus- the case shall be forwarded to Student Disciplinary Committee of University.
  • In case of inter-hostel violence/clash/unrest the inquiry shall be conducted by respective Resident Tutors and report to be forwarded to the office of the Warden Hostels.
  • Serious cases of indiscipline shall be brought to the notice of the Vice Chancellor also.

Jurisdiction of Authorities

All cases of indiscipline in the hostel shall be dealt with by the Hostel Warden. He shall be competent authority to impose penalties subject to the quantum and conditions prescribed in Appendix-I (Maintenance of Hostel Discipline) of the Hostel Rules.

Power of Inquiry from Residents

Any authorized person of the University shall have the power of demanding from the residents their identity cards and such other information as may be desired by the aforementioned persons concerned. Residents failing to provide the concerned information, shall be liable to disciplinary action vide Appendix-1.


A resident who has been subjected to any punishment by the Hostel Authorities or other authorized officer may within two weeks of the order imposing punishment appeal to the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor, after being satisfied may pass necessary order in the matter. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final in the matter.

Conduct of Inquiries

All cases of indiscipline in the hostel shall be dealt with by the Hostel Warden. He shall be competent authority to impose penalties subject to the quantum and conditions prescribed in Appendix-I (Maintenance of Hostel Discipline) of the Hostel Rules.


If any question arises regarding the interpretation of these regulations the matter shall be deliberated by the administration consisting of Registrar, Deans and Vice Chancellor and their decision thereon shall be final.

Removal of Difficulties

If any difficulty arises in giving effect to any of the previsions of these Regulations, the Vice Chancellor in individual cases may take such decision, not inconsistent with the spirit of these Regulations as may appear to necessary for the purpose of removing the difficulty, provided that such a decision is not ultra vires of the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan Act 2014.