Message from Vice Chancellor

I welcome you to explore and choose the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology (KFUEIT), Rahim Yar Khan for the fulfillment of your educational and career development goals. KFUEIT is the first public sector university located in the deep southern Punjab region and has been established under the vision of the Government of Punjab to bolster the educational opportunities for highly talented and hardworking youth of the region. Being the only public sector university in a 200 km radius, and situated at the confluence of the hitherto most deprived regions of the three provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan, the University is fully cognizant of its responsibilities towards the community and the region. Hence, under a massive development grant of Rs. 6 Billion, in the first phase, by the Government of Punjab, KFUEIT is rapidly developing its physical infrastructure of modern buildings and state of the art teaching and laboratory facilities. Following the initial phase, a second phase of development has also been launched to add top off the line academic, residential and recreational facilities on the campus.

KFUEIT has a lofty vision to become a world-class university that contributes significantly to the development of regional economy and uplift of local community by becoming a power house of intellectual and human capital generation. To achieve this sublime vision the University is fully committed in its mission to offer an undergraduate educational experience where the curriculum and its delivery conform to international standards, the students are provided an environment for wholesome development of their personality as well as creative potential, and the graduates produced are the most sought after by prospective employers. So far the response of the industry and community towards the quality of KFUEIT graduates has been very encouraging. KFUEIT is offering a broad spectrum of academic programs in all areas of knowledge. The variety and number of our academic program offerings are fully matched by the high quality of our teaching and learning environment.

KFUEIT is also committed to conduct applied research to solve local and national problems requiring knowledge based solutions. Under a well-considered plan, the high priority research areas for the University are identified to be Food, Environment, Energy, Water, Health, Information & Communication Technology and Manufacturing. KFUEIT is aware of the changes on the global level and the national need for transformation towards a knowledge economy where all sectors of the economy will depend significantly on use of information and information processing tools to deliver products and services in a competitive and profitable manner. At KFUEIT we have aligned our curriculum and all systems of teaching and research, as well as institutional operations, towards being an agent for this much needed transformation.

The set of core values which form the guiding principles permeating all our activities at KFUEIT and are being inculcated in the students as well as being practiced by the University administration and faculty can be easily remembered through the University acronym KFUEIT. That is, we want our students, faculty and staff to be Knowledge-able, Faithful, Useful, Eco-friendly, Innovative and Tolerant.

I hope that after going through this prospectus and visiting the KFUEIT Campus or the Official KFUEIT website and Facebook pages you will be in the perfect position to choose KFUEIT as your university. I look forward to your becoming a part of the KFUEIT community where you will be welcomed by a highly qualified and caring faculty as well as a helpful University administration.

Engr. Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) 
Vice Chancellor