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  • Need Based Scholarship For Master's Program (Batch 2017)
  • Merit Scholarships for Fall Semester 2017
  • List of Award of Need and Merit Based Scholarships for Bachelors Program (Batch 2017)

Merit Scholarship

The Merit Scholarship is awarded to top three* performing students in each batch of every program based on Merit obtained at the time of admission subject to the following conditions:

    Top Merit Candidate:
  • Top Candidate Aggregate will be awarded be 100% tuition fee wavier.
  • Candidate at Merit order No. 2
  • The amount for Candidate at Merit Order No. 2 will be calculated as follows:
  • Second Candidate Scholarship Amount = (Obtained Aggregate/Top aggregate ) x tuition fee.
  • Candidate at Merit order No. 3
  • The same formula as stated in above will be applied for calculation of amount of Scholarship for third candidate.

Need Based Scholarship

How to apply:
  1. Top 10 students of Merit List of every degree program are eligible to apply.
  2. The student has to completely fill all the details related to Need Based Scholarship given on the admission website.
  3. The Admission office will call the student who are top in merit list of every degree program and must fulfill the requirement of Need Based Scholarship.
  4. The Candidate will have to present in front of the Scholarship committee/Scholarship Award Committee, with the following documents:
    1. Dully complete application from available at click here
    2. CNIC / Form ‘B’
    3. Affidavit of parents/ guardians Income /Pension Copy/Salary Slip
    4. Legible copy of Last month utilities bills
    5. Legible copy of Detail Marks Sheet (photocopy)
    6. Legible copy of Death certificate (in case of orphan)
  5. The Need Based Scholarship will be awarded to needy students out of the budget allocated for scholarship.
  6. The scholarship will be awarded for one semester on the basis of financial condition.
  7. The scholarship will be terminated if the student freezes/withdraws/discontinues studies.
  8. The scholarship amount will depend upon the financial budget for scholarships and financial condition of the student. The maximum scholarship amount will be equal to full tuition fee of the student.
  9. Inportant Note:
  10. Any wrong or misguiding information will lead the applicant to disqualification.
  11. The Decision (s) of University will be final that cannot be challenged at any forum.
  12. University has the right to change term(s) and condition(s) of the scholarship at any time, with or without prior notice to the student.

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