Introduction and Overview

The Department of Physics at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology is privileged to have highly enriched faculty. All the faculty members are PhDs with more than half having international qualification and experience. Faculty has extended research output in the field of condensed matter physics, plasma physics, thin films, nanoscience, theoretical physics and optical physics etc. Several projects are being carried out by faculty members. The department has well-equipped laboratories, advanced learning facilities, technology equipped class rooms and lecture theatres. The courses being offered by the Department of Physics constitute an integrated series of basic and advanced physics topics in different fields of physics. Students are encouraged and motivated to take part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities like industrial tours, science exhibitions, sports gala etc. Graduates, who will spend their formative years here, will go onto make extra ordinary contributions to science as researchers, teachers and intellectual leaders.

Vision & Mission

To become the center of excellence by providing high quality education through rigorous course work, cutting-edge interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary research and collaboration with industry.

The department seeks to deliver the best scientific methods in teaching the principles of physics theoretically and experimentally, and focuses on maintaining the level of education, scientific research and community service.

Scope and Associated Career

The course study at BS/MSc levels, educates the participants with various aspects of matter, motion, energy, time, and so on. The course offers adequate scope with regard to higher education as well as career. There exist ample master level courses for candidates who are interested in higher education. Apart from this, the candidates can seek

career opportunities in research and development, science, education and other related areas. Higher

education after BS/MSc degree increases the proximity to get in to a high designation job with rewarding compensation packages. All aspects of the physical universe are of interest to the physicist, who seeks to understand not only the smallest forms of matter and the rich phenomena present in our everyday lives but also the universe itself. Physics has played a critical role in human technological and intellectual development during the 20th century. The tools of the physicist-observation, imagination, model building, prediction, and deduction will enable physics to continue this influence into the new century. The Master of Science in Physics degree program is designed to provide the skills, understanding, and outlook required for participation in the discovery of new knowledge about nature.

Key Facts

The Department of Physics has an honor of hiring more than 8 PhD qualified faculty members graduated locally and from various foreign Asian and European universities. The purpose is to deliver excellent education for nascent scientist and engineers. Currently, the Physics department provides a lively intellectual atmosphere to its more than 200 students along with various engineering students, and special attention is given to teaching and training students to be at the forefront of the next generation of physicists

Labs Facilities / Infrastructure

Department of Physics is equipped with various Research and academic labs that provide students to learn their subject technically and apply their ideas in practical way. Students are trained in friendly environment that enable them to learn in better and efficient manners. Currently, the Department of Physics has following equipped laboratories.

  • Mechanics Lab

  • Electricity and Magnetism Lab

  • Waves and Oscillation Lab

  • Electronics Lab

  • Advance Physics Lab

Furthermore, various other labs are in progress that will fulfill the requirement of the Master and Bachelor programs in Physics.

  • Digital Electronics Lab

  • Modern Physics and Spectroscopy Lab

  • Optics Lab

Physics Department is also equipped with a Materials Research lab which makes it possible the synthesis of various types of materials at nano meter scale. The basic equipment that already present in the laboratory are as follows,

  • Muffle Furnace

  • Magnetic Stirrer

Oven Universal Memmert Digital PID Control

  • Microscope Trinocular Research Antimould Treated Stand With Camera

  • Centrifuge Machine

Moreover, the department is in the process of purchasing state of the art and latest equipment that will fulfill the need of material characterization at micro and nano meter scales.

  • X-ray Diffractometer

  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Academic Programs Being Offered

  • BS Physics 4 years program

The candidate seeking admission in BS Physics Program, must meet the following eligibility criterion.

Intermediate with Physics and Mathematics, securing at least 50 % marks in aggregate. OR

Any other examination of a Foreign University

  • Institution / Examining Body, equivalent to Intermediate with Physics and Mathematics. Equivalence and percentage of marks will be determined by IBCC.


3 years Diploma of Associate Engineering (2% quota) with Physics and Mathematics securing at least 60% marks.

Duration of the Program

The minimum period for completion of BS Physics program is 04 academic years whereas maximum period will be 06 academic years. Normal duration of BS Physics program would be 04 academic years.

  • MSc Physics (2 Years)

The candidate seeking admission in MSc Physics Program, must meet the following eligibility criterion

Bachelor's degree with Physics and Mathematics or an equivalent from HEC recognized University, securing at least 45 % marks in aggregate.

Duration of the Program

The minimum period for completion of MSc Physics program is 02 academic years whereas maximum period will be 03 academic years. Normal duration of MSc Physics program will be 02 academic years.

  • PhD Physics (3 Years)*

*Subject to approval/NOC from HEC/Competent Authority

To be eligible for admission in PhD, a candidate shall possess MS/MPhil degree or its equivalent in relevant subject from a HEC recognized University with a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.0 semester system or 70% marks in annual system, in addition to the other requirements proposed by the department.

NTS GAT Subject Test/HEC Test with a minimum 60% cumulative score or ETS GRE Subject Test with a minimum 60% percentile score or departmental admission test with a minimum 70% cumulative score is mandatory for admission in PhD Program.

Duration of the Program

The minimum period for The minimum period for completion of MS program is 02 years whereas maximum period will be 04 years. Normal duration of MS will be 02 years. Further extension may be given up to 04 years with the approval of the University Statuary Bodies.