Introduction and Overview
The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is a vibrant department with professionally skilled, highly qualified PhD and MPhil faculty members. The department ensures reinforcement of classroom teaching through modern teaching techniques and state of the art technology available in the university. The primary goal of the department is personal, academic and professional grooming of the students inspired by the values of humanism – intended as a guiding principle combined with innovation through cultural, social, political and economic processes. The department also takes initiatives in organizing research oriented seminars, talks, trainings and workshops for the professional and skill-based development of tis faculty as well as students.

Vision & Mission
The establishment of the Department as:

  • The premier social sciences program at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels in Pakistan with centre of excellence in the public sector.
  • To impart, create and disseminate knowledge as best encapsulated in the oldest of disciplines: Literature, History and Religious Studies.

Key Features / Facilities

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Facility of library stocked with useful books on English literature & linguistics, history, Pakistan movement, research methodology, philosophy, anthropology, culture, heritage, basic health awareness, ICT, mathematics and various research journals.
  • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Extension lectures, Students’ discussions & debates, field trips and study tours.