Departmental Overview
The Department of Health Sciences is committed to deliver dynamic sharing of knowledge, research and services beyond the walls of KFUEIT. We aim to offer exceptional learning opportunities of professional education and encourages its staff and students to contribute their knowledge and expertise in public domains nationally and internationally. There’s an exciting future ahead in health sciences and the department is ready to play a leading role in it by finding cure to behavioral diseases, introducing new Laboratory and Imaging interventions, vision sciences, pharmaceuticals and improving quality of life through vast research based resources continuously being developed at KFUEIT.
With highly qualified and internationally engaged faculty, well-equipped laboratories and resource rich library facilities, the department of Health Sciences is committed to provide education, research, service facilities and consultancy in the health science disciplines of the highest quality to produce competent healthcare professionals. The program’s curriculum incorporates theory, practice and research based components to develop core skills, knowledge and professionalism. The focus is given to various subjects as per the guidelines of Higher Education Commission and respective councils.

Embarking upon premier health sciences education, research and service provider through strategic partnerships and collaboration initiatives. Our commitment to diversity and innovative approaches to health education, research and services excellence.

We empower, engage and educate health professionals and researchers who will lead their fields to best serve the health and well-being of people in South Punjab and beyond to the development of regional economy and uplift of the local community by becoming powerhouse of intellectual and human capital generation.