Departmental Overview
The Department of Health Sciences is committed to deliver dynamic sharing of knowledge and research beyond the walls of KFUEIT by offering exceptional learning opportunities of professional education and encourages its staff, students and alumni to contribute their knowledge and expertise in public domains nationally and internationally. There's an exciting future ahead in health sciences and the department is ready to play a leading role in it by finding ideas beyond science in the healthcare Industry and improving quality of life through vast research-based resources continuously being developed at KFUEIT. With highly qualified and internationally engaged faculty, well-equipped laboratories and resource rich library facilities the department of health Sciences is striving to provide education, research facilities and consultancy in the health care disciplines of the highest quality to produce competent healthcare professionals. The program curricula incorporate theory, practice and research based components to develop core skills, knowledge and professionalism. The focus is given to various subjects as per the guidelines of Higher Education Commission. In order to gain practical experience, students practice in real patient settings at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan.

As a national premier health sciences research and education provider in public sector, we are recognized for our strategic partnerships and collaboration initiatives, our commitment to diversity, and innovative approaches to health education and research excellence.


We empower, engage, and educate health professionals and researchers who will lead their fields to best serve the health and well-being of people in South Punjab and beyond to the development of regional economy and uplift of the local community by becoming powerhouse of intellectual and human capital generation.

Programs Offered

  • MS Health Care Management
  • BS Clinical Psychology
  • BS Medical Laboratory Technology *
  • BS Radiology *
  • BS Optometry *
  • BS Cosmetology and Dermatological Sciences

* Subject to approval / NOC from HEC / Competent Authority / Accreditation Body

Program Overview
MS Health Care Management: The objective of the programme is to provide a unique opportunity to healthcare professional, thus enabling them to develop and enhance their leadership potential and specific skill-sets which are seen to be a top priority in health care management, particularly in today's highly charged competitive business environment. Healthcare professionals with requisite business management skill and knowledge are increasingly in demand to meet newly emerging industry standards and the growing needs of the healthcare industry. These healthcare specialists are empowered to create and deliver value in high performing healthcare organizations.
Participants embarking on this MS program will go through an integrated learning experience that will broaden their leadership style and strategic management skill-sets, ultimately laying the foundation for strategic innovative thinking that is germane in creating competitive edge for the organizations they engaged.
Career Perspective:

  • Health Care Manager/Administrator
  • Health Care Supplier
  • Insurance Company Executives
  • Pharmaceutical Business Experts
  • Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Center Directors
  • Project Management Executives in Ministry of Health
  • Policy Makers in regulatory bodies/Councils
  • Hospital/Healthcare Service Administrators
  • Epidemiology and Research Officers


BS Clinical Psychology: BS clinical psychology is the first program being offered which will help to fulfil the urgent demand for trained clinical psychologists across the country taking into consideration the growth, development and awareness of clinical psychology during the last few years. The aim of this program is to educate and train healthcare professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil their roles in healthcare and beyond.
Professionals in this field are called as clinical psychologists. Clinical psychologists work for medical organizations. Clinical psychologists provide psychotherapy, psychological testing, and diagnosis of mental illness. Psychologists are generally trained within four primary theoretical orientations, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), and systems or family therapy. The subject offers wide range of career opportunities. Clinical psychologists usually work in hospitals, academic institutions, counselling and rehabilitation centres. They can also establish private consultation firms.

BS Medical Laboratory Technology: The BS Medical Laboratory Technology program takes an integrated approach to learning across the curriculum. Self grooming and enhancement are given a lot of importance in the institution. The courses which would be studied during this program will enhance the knowledge and skills to the next level. The study program and courses have been designed as to fulfil the current needs with regards to professionalism, marketability, employability and entrepreneurship.

Medical Laboratory technologists are equally a part of healthcare industry and the task of a medical laboratory technologist is quite important as they are also known as clinical laboratory technologist. They are in charge of doing tests which include analysing blood, body fluids, body tissues, cell counting amongst other tests. These tests are required for preliminary treatment of the patient.<

BS (4 years degree program) in Medical Laboratory Technology Offered
  • To prepare a team of health technologists who can effectively assist senior health professionals in the delivery of quality health services.
  • To prepare graduate Medical Technologist with the knowledge and abilities needed for certification by nationally recognized professional agencies.
  • To prepare paramedical workers for all levels of the health care delivery system from the primary to the tertiary level.
  • To introduce and impart standard technical education with advanced techniques by replacing the conventional methods of pre service training.
  • To provide paramedical workers a status and recognition in the health care delivery system through improving their capacity along with increasing awareness of their responsibilities, authority and job description.
  • To facilitate paramedical staff with modern skills and techniques and latest technical knowledge at international level


BS Radiology: A radiographer produces radiography of patients with the help of X-ray to find the exact medical condition of the patient. In addition to X-ray, a radiographer also considers CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI for producing radiography. The need of educated and professional radiology technologists in hospitals, clinics, and physicians' offices are increasing continuously. The field of radiography will be continued to show higher than average job growth into the future. After completing your degree in this field you will become Radiology Technologists/ Radiographer, Radiology Technicians, Ultrasound Technician/ Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, MRI Technician, CT Tech/ CAT Scan Technologist/ CT Scan Technologist.
The program is designed to attain the following objectives:

  • To train Radiological professionals with sufficient and relevant scientific and technological skills with high degree of competence and safety in the practice of radiography in health care delivery system.
  • To train Radiological professionals with sufficient interdisciplinary skills to perform their role as members in healthcare teams.
  • Course work typically focuses on Patient care, patient positioning, radiation safety and protection in addition to radiation physics, pathology and other advanced topics.

BS Optometry: Optometry is a professional discipline based on the optical and vision sciences. Optometry graduates are considered to be qualified professionals who are able to practice in the public as well as private institutions. Presently quite a few institutions run the BS program of optometry in Pakistan although the demand for optometrists is on the increase not only within the country but also in other parts of the World.
The first two semesters offer foundation courses. The students will develop clinical skills through in depth understanding of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the visual system in the conducive classroom teaching as well as working in the clinical skills center during the first 2 years of education. During the next semesters the students will develop the knowledge and achieve the clinical skills required for modern optometrist practice. They will also work under the supervision of team of experts working in Eye Clinic. The students will carry out full eye examinations and will gain specialist skills such as in ocular vision, contact lens and dispensing. In addition, they will examine patients with a range of eye diseases and gain experience in dispensing spectacles.
Being a newly introduced program in Optometry and Visionary Science, it has tremendous job opportunities in public and private sector hospitals of the country. The graduates will have opportunity for employment in Pharmaceutical Industry. They can run an independent optometrist clinic that will prove as a novel option and fruitful experience.

BS Cosmetology and Dermatological Sciences: BS Cosmetology and Dermatological Sciences has a Vision of Skin Care for all ages to achieve excellence in skincare by educating skin care experts having relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to take care of skin in all age groups though interactive teaching, hands on practice on modern equipment and activates for intellectual development. At the end of this four year program, graduates will be able to perform their role as:

  • Cosmetic scientist: Consultants and team leader in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry regarding production, quality assurance, marketing and research of skin care products.
  • Cosmetologist: Guide clients regarding skin care and perform non-invasive cosmetics procedures independently.
  • Physician associate: Work with Dermatologist as part of a skin care team, in patient management and invasive procedures
  • Academician: pursuit an academic career in allied health sciences undergraduate program