Departmental Overview

Electrical Engineering Department aims to provide quality education to cope with the technical challenges of the modern age. The graduates of the department will be able to effectively investigate, evaluate and provide solutions for the complex engineering problems. Department aims to impart extraordinary managerial skills with effective communications and great ethics to its graduates, while working as an individual or in a team to solve the problems of the society by providing sustainable environment friendly solutions. Highly qualified experienced faculty, trained staff and well equipped state of the art laboratories are there to make this dream come true.


To build identity of excellence in electrical engineering domain at intersection of academia and industry.


Committed to achieve excellence by equipping its graduates with high quality technical innovative skills, required to create positive impact in academia, industry, research and pursuance of higher studies.

Key Features

  • Highly qualified faculty
  • Well established dedicated state of the art labs
  • High Voltage Laboratory (HVL)
  • Dedicated building containing lecture theatres, laboratories, offices, and other relevant infrastructure.
  • Departmental Library

Programs Being Offered

  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Electrical Engineering *
  • BS Electronics
  • MS Electronics *
  • BS Electrical Engineering Technology *

* Subject to approval / NOC from HEC / Competent Authority / Accreditation Body