MS Agriculture Engineering
MS Chemistry
MS Chemical Engineering
MS Civil Engineering
MS Computer Science
MS Data Science*
MS Computer Engineering
MS Electrical Engineering
MS Electronics 
MS English (Linguistics)
MS Engineering Management
MS Environmental Engineering*
MS Environmental Science
MS Food Safety and Quality Management
MS Food Technology
MS Healthcare Management
MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
MS Information Security
MS Information Technology
MS Telecommunication System
MBA 2 Years
MBA 2.5 Years
MS Material Sciences
MS Mathematics
MS Management Sciences
MS Mechanical Engineering
MS Pakistan Studies
MS Islamic Studies with Computer Technology
MS Urdu
MS Physics
MS Software Engineering
MS Water Resource Management


Postgraduate Programs Spring 2019
PhD Chemistry
Ph.D Computer Sciences*
Ph.D Electrical Engineering*
Ph.D Environmental Science*
PhD Mathematics*
Ph.D  Mechanical Engineering*
PhD Physics*
* Subject to approval / NOC of accreditation body