Our Vision

To become a world-class University ofEngineering and Information Technology thatcontributessignificantly to the developmentof regional economy and uplift of the localcommunity by becoming powerhouse ofintellectual and human capital generation.

Our Mission

To offer an undergraduate educationalexperience in Engineering and InformationTechnology Where:

  • The curriculum and its delivery conform tointernational standards
  • The students are provided an environmentfor wholesome development of theirpersonality and creative potential
  • The graduates produced are most soughtafter by prospective employers
To conduct research to solve local andnational problems requiring Engineering orInformation Technology based solutions.

Core Values

At Fareed University of Engineering& Information Technology, RahimYar Khan we have chosen a set ofcore values which fully embody ourvision and mission. These core valuespermeate all our activities and form abenchmark to judge our efforts against.These core values are the qualities thatwe want to maximize in our students,faculty and staff. Furthermore, webelieve that these core values will allowus to transform our society into anadvance one. Our core values are basedon our acronym so that they becomeeasy for us to remember.

Our Core Values are




E Eco-friendly

I Innovative


A look at the shades of meaning conveyed by thesecore values will help us understand fully the impactthat we intend these core values to have on ourstudents, faculty and staff:

Knowledge-able means well informed; learned;with great knowledge; well read; well educated;widely read; erudite; scholarly; cultured; cultivated;enlightened; aware.

Faithful means strict or thorough in the performanceof duty; true to one’s word; promises; vows; etc.;steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant;reliable; trusted; or believed; adhering or true tofact; a standard; or an original; accurate.

Useful means able to be used for a practicalpurpose or in several ways; functional; practical;handy; neat; convenient; utilitarian; utility; helpful;applicable; serviceable; of use; of service; beneficial;advantageous; helpful; worthwhile; profitable;gainful; rewarding; productive; constructive;effective; efficacious; valuable; fruitful; of help; ofassistance.

Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly ornot harmful to the environment. This term mostcommonly refers to products that contributeto green living or practices that help conserveresources like water and energy. Eco-friendlyproducts also prevent contributions to air, waterand land pollution.

Innovative means featuring new methods;advanced and original; introducing new ideas;original and creative in thinking; original; innovatory;innovational; new; novel; fresh; unconventional;unorthodox; off-center; unusual; unprecedented;avant-garde; experimental; inventive; ingenious.

Tolerant means showing willingness to allow theexistence of opinions or behavior that one does notnecessarily agree with; open-minded; forbearing;unprejudiced; unbiased; unbigoted; broadminded;patient; magnanimous; sympathetic;understanding; charitable; lenient.