Overview of ORIC

In the modern era of technology, research and development (R&D) have joined hands with commercialization to become the driving force behind modern economies. This put immense responsibilities on the universities to develop a culture that emphasizes the need of research, development and commercialization. At KFUEIT we understand that the evolution of institution is directly proportional to the emergence of new technologies and that the inculcation of the knowledge of contemporary technologies requires liaison with industry. This vision leads to the establishment of the Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) at KFUEIT in 2016, on the directions of Higher Education Commission (HEC). ORIC is operating on the mandate of generating new ideas to enrich the knowledge base that supports the academic agenda of Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology – KFUEIT and its members (students, faculty & staff) for achieving sustainable and equitable development in the academic arena. To maximize the impact of research, ORIC carries out a set of activities that serve as inputs to the university departments, the academic community.


Achieve ORIC vision by motivating, facilitating and guiding faculty members to comply with their individual and organizational R&D goals.

Vision (TALL)

Establish a proactive R&D Ecosystem make KFUEIT the National Technology Leader based on approach

  • T Training
  • A Awareness
  • L Linkage
  • L Launching

ORIC TALL Framework

KFUEIT Core R&D Themes

KFUEIT R&D Ecosystem

Aims & Objectives

ORIC is taking rigorous steps in developing and promoting the R&D capabilities at KFUEIT by playing instrumental role in:

  • To promote research culture at KFUEIT.
  • Collaborate with other national and international research communities.
  • To generate new ideas or provision of support to work on new ideas.
  • Submission of research proposals pertinent to Pakistan’s Socio-Economic needs.
  • Establish links with donors.
  • Identify regional expertise and requirements.
  • Promote the linkage between university and industry.
  • Conduct national, international conferences/seminars/workshops/symposiums.
  • Provide update about the latest research activities of HEC.

Research Centers and Research Groups

Research Center provides platform for KFUEIT experts to share insights on the issues and approaches challenging the national & international development sector today and the role of research in finding solutions. With the establishment of research centers at KFUEIT, it is being ensured that the mandate of ORIC is progressing towards right direction. Each and every department at KFUEIT is directed to establish research center which ensures active departmental level participation in R&D activities. This is the first bold step towards fulfillment of the first and foremost objective of ORIC and marks the official beginning of leveraging internal research capabilities at KFUEIT. On the first call of ORIC, all the departments at KFUEIT eagerly responded with the formal formation of research groups at their part. This is a significant achievement which is aimed towards guiding all future advancements at ORIC. Formed research centers are: