Computer Engineering is an emerging area, with a blend of Mathematics, Computer science, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering. Our degree programs cover the design and development of hardware and embedded systems - devices including cameras, smart phones, sensors, robotics, medical equipment and multimedia technology. Our faculty works as a family, bringing together diverse knowledge, and experience. With all our abilities and resources, we aim to become one of the leading computer engineering departments of Pakistan.

Our objectives of the BS Computer Engineering Program are:

  • Analyze, design and improve computer systems
  • To enable acceptance for entry level Computer Engineering positions
  • Construct and nurture Professionalism in the Engineering
  • Cultivate among students an approach to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering
  • Enable the students to conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data
  • Prepare students to undertake tasks in multidisciplinary teams
  • Enable the students to identify and solve Engineering problems analytically
  • To prepare students to solve problems associated with different computer systems.
  • Develop students’ behavioral approach for team work and enhance communication skills for lifelong learning in engineering.