Introduction and Overview

Chemical Engineering is an ever-growing discipline and is a fundamental indicator of development standard. Khwaja Freed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT), Rahim Yar Khan has demonstrated its policy commitment of advancement through extending frontiers of knowledge. This initiative especially in the industrial hub has been waited long as Rahim Yar Khan is ideally located at the industrial junction of three provinces of the country. Industries being around offer institutional-industrial liaison scenario as practical hands on exposure opportunities to students.

The department of Chemical Engineering is established in Spring 2018 at KFUEIT and first induction is to be started in September 2018 after having approval from PEC. Chemical Engineering basically applies the core scientific disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics to transform raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms, invariably in processes that involve chemical change. Technical problems are solved by employing mathematics, physics and engineering considering safe and economic way while chemical specified problems need critical and novel expertise. New and more effective ways are used to manufacture chemicals in safe mode. Chemical engineers create new, more effective ways to manufacture chemicals and also work collaboratively with chemists to pioneer the development of high- tech materials for specialized applications.

Vision & Mission

To provide a high-quality education and experience that will enable our graduates to play a leadership role and positions within chemical and other associated industries. To promote and encourage the pursuit of new knowledge and innovate in chemical sciences and engineering.

The vision of the department is to become a nationally and internationally recognized undergraduate chemical engineering program coupled with research strengths in process and associated disciplines.

Scope and Associated Career

Over the years, the world demand for energy resources, medicine and biomedical products has been increased that lead  to the great  expansion  of scientific knowledge especially in the field of chemistry to develop technology. This has eventually lead to the development of the profession of Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering involves the design and development of chemical processes that converts raw materials or chemicals into valuable products. It combines knowledge of chemistry and engineering for the mass production of chemicals and related by products. Chemical Engineering is a varied field, covering diverse fields like chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, petroleum refining plants etc.

The careers options in the field of Chemical Engineering are varied and variety of job opportunities are available in Pakistan. Students can get a job in different areas like teaching, research, processing etc. Generally, Chemical Engineering graduates employed in industries like, Sugar; Atomic Energy; Fertilizers; Cement; Pulp and Paper; Cosmetics and Lotions; Drugs and Medicines; Textiles; Fuel Processing; Synthetic rubber, Fiber and Plastics; Alternative Energy System; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Environmental Remediation; Education, Research and Development sectors.

Department of Chemical Engineering at KFUEIT ,Rahim Yar Khan, would be the best alternate for students of Southern Punjab who travelled hundreds of miles from their homes to get engineering education. Moreover, Rahim Yar Khan which is located at the junction of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan and is the

industrial hub of different national and multinational industries. The establishment of the department would cater the need of engineering education of the region and also fulfill the demand of these industries.

Key Facts

Department has dedicated Infrastructure including 12 offices for faculty, 02 offices for Assistants, 02 Lecture Theaters, 02 Lecture Rooms, Departmental Library.

PEC Approval (Under Process)

The faculty at Chemical Engineering Department comprises PEC registered engineers holding BSc/MSc/ PhD engineering degrees from universities within the country and abroad. The faculty at Chemical Engineering department is highly experienced which provides best possible instructions to the students

Eligibility for Admission

An applicant seek admission in the department of Chemical Engineering for Bachelor Degree Program BS(Chemical Engineering) offered by the University must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The candidate should have obtained at least 60% marksinF.Sc.(Physics,ChemistryandMathematics) A-level or Equivalent/ DAE (Chemical/ Chemical Processing/ Chemical Technology (Specialization in Sugar Technology) Petro-chemical/Petroleum.

  • DAE seats will be allocated According to PEC Criteria i.e. 2%.

  • The candidate will appear in a test as proposed by University.

  • The percentage of intermediate result  and Entry test for admission shall be calculated per University determined.

  • He/She should meet standard of physique and eye sight laid down in the medical certificate.

The duration of course is four years and the syllabusforthecourseisdividedinto8semesters. Totalcredithoursofare

Labs Facilities / Infrastructure

The department has state of the art laboratories with latest equipment supplied by local manufactures as well imported from abroad. Currently department has 16 fully equipped labs available for undergraduate students. The list of labs is as under:

  • Engineering Drawing Lab

  • Applied Chemistry Lab

  • Workshop Practices Lab

  • Applied Physics Lab

  • General Computer Lab

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

  • Engineering Mechanics Lab

  • Applied Electrical Engineering Lab

  • Chemical Process Technology Lab

  • Particulate Technology Lab

  • Unit Operations Lab

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

  • Fuels and Energy/Fuels & Combustion Lab

  • Instrumentation and Process Control Lab

  • Process Design and Simulation Lab

Academic Programs Being Offered

  • BS Chemical Engineering (4 Years)*

*Subject to approval/NOC from HEC/Competent Authority

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Degree from KFUEIT, students need to complete University,  Department   Degree   requirements. All students in the Department take required courses in Chemical Processes, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer operations and few elective courses.