ORIC Introduction

In the modern era of technology, research and development (R&D) have joined hands with commercialization to become the driving force of modern economies. This put immense responsibilities onto the universities to develop a culture of research, development and commercialization. In this regards, Higher Education Commission (HEC) is stressing the need to bridge the university and industry by equipping the university graduates with required R&D skills. KFUEIT considers its evolution directly proportional to the emergence of new technologies. To inculcate the knowledge about contemporary technologies, requires liaison with industry. This vision leads KFUEIT to establish a center for R&D. This will help bringing the strong research culture in the university. The objectives of ORIC are as follow:

  • To promote research culture at KFUEIT.
  • Collaborate with other national and international research communities.
  • To generate new ideas or provision of support to work on new ideas.
  • Submission of research proposals pertinent to Pakistan’s Socio-Economic needs.
  • Establish links with donors.
  • Identify regional expertise and requirements.
  • Promote the linkage between university and industry.
  • Conduct national, international conferences/seminars/workshops/symposiums.
  • Provide update about the latest research activities of HEC.