Dr. Saleem ullah

Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan

Dr. Saleem ullah
Associate Professor (HoD), Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
Ph.D (Computer Systems Structure), ChongQing University, ChongQing, PRC.


Computer Networks (TCP Congestion Control)

Research Interests:

Network Congestion Control

Network Security

Lifi issues and Challenges

Adhoc Networks (VANET)


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Research Thesis Supervised:

  1. Load balancing using Multipath routing in wireless sensor network.
  2. Maximizing network Utilization using Unequal Cost Load Balancing.
  3. The Proactive Mechanism to authenticate the user using Distributed Networks.
  4. Proactive Authentication mechanism to secure wireless network (IEEE.802.11 standard).
  5. An efficient Load sharing mechanism in distance vector routing protocols.
  6. Study of cross platform issues in heterogeneous network.
  7. Study of Handover Issues b/w Different Heterogeneous Wireless Network.
  8. Minimizing Topology Convergence Issues in Distance Vector Routing Protocol.
  9. Distributed Authentication system with Role based Security for Cloud Computing.
  10. Study of MANET (mobile ad-hoc network) routing protocol performance issues & evaluationconsideration.
  11. An intelligent Intrusion Detection System to remove bypass attacks.
  12. Proactive Mechanism to secure routing protocols.
  13. An efficient model to minimize delay in VANET communication.
  14. Classification and Analysis of active attacks and detection techniques.